vocaSTIM® Master

Professional therapy and diagnostic device for laryngeal paresis based voice and swallowing indications developed for neuro-rehabilitation, ENT doctors and speech therapy. The vocaSTIM®-Master allows you to quickly and easily diagnose the degree of damage to the paretic muscles. The resulting optimal stimulation current treatment parameters are created automatically and can be selected or determined with the help of the extensive indication menu, together with a large selection of phonation exercises. Pictures of the electrode application facilitate the therapeutic application.

vocaSTIM® Master

vocaSTIM® Master

vocaSTIM® is a concept for the diagnosis, therapy and monitoring of the course of therapy in laryngeal paresis. After anamnesis, diagnosis and instruction by the doctor or therapist, the patient can normally continue the therapy or voice training independently. Follow-up checks are carried out at regular intervals by the accompanying therapist.

The standardized therapy of neuromuscular electro-phonatory stimulation (NMEPS) according to Pahn is based on electrical stimulation of the damaged muscles in the form of intention exercises. While the patient tries to trigger a voluntary contraction, a supporting current impulse is triggered manually at the same time with a hand button. The stimulation current parameters used are determined at the beginning and during the course of therapy using easy-to-perform diagnostics and are precisely tailored to the indication and the degree of damage.

Improvement in voice quality

7 The 3-month treatment with vocaSTIM® in unilateral laryngeal paresis leads to a significant improvement in the irregularity index (CFx) compared to conventional voice therapy.

Ptok M, Strack D (2008): Electrical stimulation-supported voice exercises are superior to voice exercise therapy alone in patients with unilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve paresis: results from a prospective, randomized clinical trial. Muscle Nerve 38:1005-1011.

Selected Use Cases

Therapy with vocaSTIM® has an enormously wide range of applications. Among other things, it is ideal for the treatment of laryngeal paresis


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  • Diagnosis and treatment of laryngeal paresis and dysphagia
  • Stimulus current-supported voice training with phonation exercises in the device
  • Differentiated diagnostic menu with grading of the degree of damage and creation of the accommodation quotient
  • Electrotherapy with 13 current forms
  • Hand button as an emergency stop switch or for intention exercises
  • Medium-frequency current forms
  • AMF (Amplitude Modulated Medium Frequency Current)
  • MT (Medium Frequency Muscle Stimulation)
  • KOTS (Medium Frequency Muscle Training)
  • Low-frequency current forms
  • G (galvanization)
  • UR (Ultra stimulation current according to Träbert)
  • IG 30 (pulse plating 30)
  • IG 50 (impulse galvanization 50)
  • FM (Frequency Modulated Current)
  • FaS (Faradic Swell Current)
  • T/R (exponential current)
  • T/R old (impulses with changeable parameters)
  • T/R sync (impulses with changeable parameters)
  • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)
  • Diagnosis
  • Accommodation quotient
  • New Streams for Functional natural swallowing movement
  • 1 T/R old (2-channel dysphagia current developed with the MHH / floor of the mouth is first stimulated [CH1] then laryngeal elevator [CH2]
  • Individually Tailored Treatment
  • 2 Before starting treatment with vocaSTIM®, the therapist or doctor can quantify the degree of damage using a diagnostic program. After determining the degree of damage to the patient, this is automatically transferred to the personalized menu navigation. Therapy settings, electrode application and exercises are precisely tailored to the determined degree of damage.
  • Voice Training
  • 3 Audio player with voice and sound exercises integrated in the device
  • Extensive Indication Menu
  • 4 Extensive indication menu with 3D graphics for electrode placement. Guided, self-explanatory diagnostic menu with automatic transfer of the value to the indication menu
  • Automated Diagnostics Menu
  • Guided, self-explanatory diagnostic menu with automatic transfer of the value to the indication menu
  • Diagnostic Foot Switch
  • 5 Foot switch for easier operation of the device during diagnostics
  • Application Illustrations
  • 6 For the exact placement of electrodes for the various indications
  • Therapy Exercises
  • Therapy exercises tailored to the clinical picture and the degree of severity



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  • Intuitive operation with the PHYSIOMED one-button operation
  • Comprehensive overview of all therapy parameters
  • Get started with therapy as quickly as possible: directly, via program memory or indication index
  • Extensive list of indications with information on therapy, dosage suggestions and illustrations
  • Patient database and potpourris
  • Individual: Personalized history
  • Two-channel technology (alternating in time and synchronous)
  • Color touch screen
  • Integrated audio player

  • IEC 60601-1 / VDE 750 Part1 protection class I, type: BF 
  • CE marking as per Medical Devices :Directive (93/42 EEC)
  • Class as per Medical Devices Directive (93/42 EWG) IIa
  • Mains supply 100 – 240 VAC ±10 %
  • Mains frequency 50 – 60 Hz
  • Power consumption 120 VA
  • Current 0.6 A / 1.2 A
  • Mains fuses at 100 – 240 VAC: T2AL, 250 V
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 315 x 175 x 370 mm 
  • Weight 6.5 kg
  • [1] Elastic fabric band for electrode fixation 5 x 60 cm
  • [1] Instructions for use
  • [1] manual button
  • [1] power cord
  • [1] Plate electrode EF 10 with cable (set of 2)
  • [1] Plate electrode EF 50 (set of 2)
  • [1] therapy guide
  • [1] Viscose bag EF 10
  • [1] Viscose bag EF 50
  • [1] Diagnostic footswitch
  • [1] Equipment trolley for Expert-Line
  • [1] PHYSIOPADS adhesive electrode 13 x 8 cm, set of 2
  • [1] PHYSIOPADS adhesive electrode 5 x 5 cm, set of 4
  • [1] PHYSIOPADS adhesive electrode 9 x 5 cm, set of 4
  • [1] PHYSIOPADS adhesive electrode Ø 3.2 cm, set of 4
  • [1] Plate electrode EF 100 with cable (set of 2)
  • [1] Connection cable for PHYSIOPADS adhesive electrodes, set of 4 (I/II)
  • [1] Extension cord 100 cm