Innovative, study-proven concept for diagnosis, therapy, therapy progress control and, if necessary, independent therapy/independent voice training by the patient with laryngeal paresis (NMEPS) and dysphagia.

For your patients with paresis-related swallowing and voice disorders

vocaSTIM® is a concept for the diagnosis, therapy and monitoring of the course of therapy in laryngeal paresis. After anamnesis, diagnosis and instruction by the doctor or therapist, the patient can normally continue the therapy or voice training independently. Follow-up checks are carried out at regular intervals by the accompanying therapist.

The standardized therapy of neuromuscular electro-phonatory stimulation (NMEPS) according to Pahn is based on electrical stimulation of the damaged muscles in the form of intention exercises. While the patient tries to trigger a voluntary contraction, a supporting current impulse is triggered manually at the same time with a hand button. The stimulation current parameters used are determined at the beginning and during the course of therapy using easy-to-perform diagnostics and are precisely tailored to the indication and the degree of damage.


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