Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy

Thermal effect or micro-massage: Our lists of indications facilitate application.

Ultrasound therapy, along with electrotherapy, is one of the popular treatment forms of physical therapy. Therapeutic ultrasound is used at a frequency of 1 MHz or 3 MHz, as continuous output or pulsed output in different duty cycles. Ultrasound therapy is classified as mechanical thermal therapy due to its complex effects. Depending on therapy parameters (therapy frequency, output type, dose, therapy duration and mode), the emphasis is on a thermal effect that results from ultrasound therapy
(thermal growth and reflection from tissue barriers such as bones or joints) or a micromassage in the treated tissue segments.

The effects of ultrasound therapy can be summarised as follows:

» Hyperemisation
» Acceleration of metabolic function (microcirculation, diffusion processes)
» Increasing the tensibility of connective tissue structures (collagen fibres)
» Alleviation of pain
» Muscular relaxation and spasm resolution
» Acceleration of the healing process
» Stimulation of fracture healing

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