Traction therapy with deep heat


Using the TRAComputer, traction is applied on the horizontal plane, while exact metering is possible due to the application of relief-bringing intermittent and pulsed traction. Aside from 60 programs with various traction sequences, individual therapy times, patient weight and pulse frequency can be entered over the control key pad. The gentle gradual increase of traction avoids psychogenic stress to the patient. Furthermore, during relaxation periods, minimum traction is maintained to provide permanent relief to the joint for the duration of the treatment.

Besides lumbar and cervical traction, with additional accessories shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, hand and thoracic spine can also be treated. For safety sake, prior to treatment the patient is handed the emergency off switch.

The MiLi microwave therapy unit can be used with the TRA- Computer or on its own. The electromagnetic waves are directly converted into heat in the lower-lying water-containing tissue for an elasticising effect and metabolic stimulation of structures surrounding the spinal cord, coupled with hyperaemisation and increased phagocyte function.

The following configurations are available:

» Traction therapy unit TRAComputer with couch and diathermy unit MiLi

» Traction therapy unit TRAComputer with couch

» Diathermy unit MiLi with couch


  • Intermittent and dynamic pulsed traction
  • Individual setting of traction power, pulsation and treatment time
  • Lumbar and cervical traction
  • Optional: hip, knee, shoulder, thoracic vertebra, hand and elbow joint traction
  • Patient‘s weight can be taken into account
  • Emergency-off switch
  • Power output in ten steps from 20-200 W 
  • 2 Three separately selectable treatment areas across couch
  • Stationary or cyclical automatic longitudinal treatment: easy individual adjustment of the defined treatment zone
  • Automatic metering monitoring

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  • Intuitive control with touch screen and numeric keypad
  • Comprehensive overview of the therapy parameters
  • Fastest therapy start: direct program selection or over patient card (option)
  • 1 Extensive program selection with visualisation of traction charts
  • Option: patient card for saving personal therapy programs
  • Intuitive operation with touch screen
  • Comprehensive overview of the therapy parameters
  • Fastest therapy start: direct or through indications index
  • 3 Rolling section to avoid frictional losses
  • 4 Height-adjustable leg rest with belt
  • 5 Height-adjustable head rest
  • 6 Pillow
  • 7 Shelf for accessories

  • Protection class: 1, type B 
  • Power connection: 230 V ±10 % 
  • Mains frequency: 50 Hz 
  • Current consumption: 350 mA 
  • Power consumption: 80 VA 
  • Traction: 1-60 daN
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 190 x 1050 x 560 mm 
  • Weight: 18 kg
Traction couch:
  • Dimensions (W x H x D, without leg rest): 830 x 970 x 2120 mm (without TRAComputer); 830 x 970 x 2240 mm (with TRAComputer) 
  • Load capacity of treatment surface: 160 kg 
  • Weight: ca. 75 kg
  • Protection class: 1, type B
  • Power connection: 230 V ±10 %
  • Mains frequency: 50 Hz
  • Current consumption: 2.2 A
  • Power consumption: 720 VA
  • Operating frequency: 2450 MHz
  • Power output max: 200 W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 340 x 250 x 850 mm
  • Weight: 28 kg

for TRAComputer, MiLi and traction couch: 

  • [1] Emergency-off switch
  • [1] Leg rest with belt
  • [1] Operating instructions
  • [1] Pillow
  • [1] Shelf for accessories
  • [1] Traction set cervical spine
  • [1] Traction set lumbar spine