Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is used in various therapy fields. In contrast to hard lasers used in surgery (30 W and higher), laser therapists work with the athermal, therapeutic, low level laser (less than 700 mW).

As for physical therapy, the infrared diode laser is now the common means of treatment. This laser excels over other types of lasers in penetration depth, bio-stimulative effect and ease of handling. The assignment of laser therapy to light therapy is based on its various
complex photobiological effects. These effects can be summarised as follows:

» Enhanced cellular energy balance
» Antiphlogistic effect
» Antiedematous effect
» Microcirculatory effect
» Tissue reparative effect
» Analgetic effect

You can choose between two forms of application according to the indication. An ultra-precise laser pen is used to treat tender points, trigger points,paraspinal points, etc. if laser application on a very small area (less than 1cm²) is required. Laser pens are also the ideal medium for gentle laser acupuncture, which like needle acupuncture, uses the direct interaction between the body’s meridians and related functions. For the treatment of larger areas of skin in cases like traumas, joint inflammations or dermatologic indications, we recommend using the laser shower, which can be moved over/along the treatment area, if necessary. The laser comb is especially wellsuited to treat regions with body hair, such as the scalp.

For more detailed information please request our comprehensive brochure “Short introduction to laser therapy”, which contains lots of practical examples.

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