DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Aesthetics

Safe, pleasant, and highly efficient aesthetic procedures with anti-aging effects and for cellulite. Faster recovery after plastic surgery, laser re-surfacing and other invasive methods of aesthetic medicine.

DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Aesthetics


N.B: This device wil be replaced with the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Basic and the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Pro in Spring 2019.

Muscle stimulation/relaxation through deep vibration induced by DEEP OSCILLATION® trains the facial muscles and keeps them in tone. Stimulation of collagen production and cell regeneration gives a fresh and young look to the skin. Anti-oedema and anti-fibrosis action provides smooth, elastic, and wrinkle-free appearance.


With DEEP OSCILLATION®, swelling, redness, and oedema can be relieved considerably faster. Because it can be used at a very early post operative stage, the healing process is accelerated, scar quality is improved, local inflammation is inhibited, and pain stopped over a sustained period.


Since DEEP OSCILLATION® possesses anti-oedema, lymph drainage, anti-fibrosis and detoxifying properties, it prepares the tissue for liposuction, makes liposuction more effective and durable, and protects against adverse effects of the body sculpturing procedure.


DEEP OSCILLATION® affects all pathological mechanisms of cellulite. With DEEP OSCILLATION®,microcirculation can be improved, oedema and lymphostasis diminished, inflammation suppressed, roughage dissipated, and sensitivity to oestrogen hormones inhibited.

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Application and Operation
  • 1 DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal was designed for individual, mobile use. Battery operation and a handy size guarantee flexible use, both on the road and at home.
  • 2 A generous graphic display, together with the single button operation, guarantee very easy program selection and a good overview.
  • 3 The AESTHETICS therapy card provides pre-programmed treatments, normally consisting of different treatment sections at various frequencies, as well as informative therapy notes and graphics for treatment.
  • 4 For the treatment, the patient holds a titanium contact electrode loosely between the fingers. The pleasant therapy effect of DEEP OSCILLATION® is created beneath the hand applicator, which is moved in a circular motion above the tissue. Treatment Images
  •  Swellings visibly reduce during treatment and the complexion become more radiant with firmer skin and smaller pores. Boisnic and Branchet (2013) conducted a clinical study of 20 subjects with periorbital bags or dark circles. They concluded that Deep Oscillation therapy was effective in reducing both dark circles and bags by an average of 40%. This was determined by photography and dermatological scores, as well as ultrasound analysis.
  • 6 The therapy is also delivered via the vinyl gloved hands of the Practitioner.
  •   7   DEEP OSCILLATION® affects all pathological mechanisms of cellulite. With DEEP OSCILLATION®, microcirculation can be improved, oedema and lymphostasis diminished, inflammation suppressed, roughage dissipated, and sensitivity to oestrogen hormones inhibited. KORKINA, L. ET AL (2007) - DEEP OSCILLATION® method was efficient in more than 80% of the cases with moderate (grade I-II) cellulite.

  • Protection class: II, type BF
  • Input voltage: 7,2 VDC (4 cells)
  • Input current: 1.3 ADC
  • Power supply: 4 x NiMH-battery, size AA, 1.2 V
  • Output voltage max: 400V 
  • Load impedance: 10 M?
  • Output frequency: 5 – 250 Hz 
  • Dimensions (W x H x D: 100 x 31 x 190 mm 
  • Weight: 0.7 kg 
  • Charging device:
    Power connection: 100 – 240 VAC ±10
  • Mains frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
  • Current consumption max: 0.35 A
  • [1] Applicator handhold
  • [4] Batteries
  • [1] Charging device
  • [2] Connection cables DEEP OSCILLATION®
  • [1] Connection cable grey for adhesive electrodes
  • [1] Operating instructions
  • [1] Oscillator head Ø 5 cm
  • [1] Oscillator head Ø 9.5 cm
  • [1] PHYSIOPADS adhesive electrode for DEEP OSCILLATION® (set of 4)
  • [1] Powder
  • [1] Special gloves size M (100 pcs.)
  • [1] Titanium neutral element
  • [1] Transportation bag
  • (1) Battery charger - 4 slots
  • (1) Monouse Adhesive Electrodes - 60 per pack
  • (1) Oscillator Head 1.5cm replacement for use with pin applicator
  • (1) Pin Applicator for use in small areas
  • (1) Gloves in sizes small to extra large, boxed in 100 pairs or cases of 10 boxes
  • (1) Sweatbands
  • (1) Additional therapy cards, Sports and/or Postpartum