Combination Therapy

Combination Therapy

PHYSIOMED combination therapy units enable you to start therapy with maximum speed and ease: direct selection of current or therapy form, over the indication index or program memory.

During treatment you have a constant overview of all parameters and timers. With decades of proven use, PHYSIOMED one-button operation permits fast intuitive control. A wide variety of safety features prevent malfunctions on all levels. For instance, a warning signal can be emitted when the recommended intensity is exceeded in relation to the selected electrode size. The emergency shut-off function can be activated over the intensity control and manual keys to ensure increased safety for both therapists and patients.

Thanks to the individual selection of additional parameters (pulse length and form, frequency, bursts, biphasic application, galvanic base etc.) the characteristics of current forms can be precisely adjusted to the desired treatment. Diagnostics programs, exhaustive indication lists with practical information, diagrams and treatment animations and patient database with ‘potpourri‘ function simplify electrotherapy treatment.

Choose between two ergonomically designed transducers with surface areas of 2.5 cm. or 5 cm. , which are also suitable for subaqueous treatment. The biocompatible and exceptionally durable titanium transducers afford maximum safety and reliability in terms of performance and prevent metallurgical deposits. Along with continuous or pulsed energy output (4 duty cycles [1:10, 1:5, 1:3, 2:5]), optical and acoustic coupling controls ensure efficient therapy.


Combination Therapy Products