Physiotherapist Reports Positive Pain Management Effects of Magcell Arthro for Osteoarthritis

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Physiotherapist Reports Positive Pain Management Effects of Magcell Arthro for Osteoarthritis

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"In May 2018, at the Acupuncture Association for Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) Annual Conference I enquired about the Magcell Arthro device, Mary gave me a demonstration to see if would help with my osteoarthritic pain...

After just 5 minutes I felt relief, too good to be true I thought! So I gave it a few days, the relief was excellent.  After a week, the pain started to get back to the same level prior to the short treatment I had received. After calling the office, I purchased the Magcell Arthro from Physiopod and for more than 10 months, I have used the device and have been so pleased with the ease it brings me. 

I am finding it helps with the pain in my thumbs and right knee, so much so that I am off all pain meds. This small device can be transported with ease and used in meetings without being detected or disturbing the meeting. All in all, this is a wonderful device. Thank you!

 paul battersby

Paul Battersby



Pain-alleviating and movement-promoting effect for osteoarthritis


MAGCELL® ARTHRO significantly improves general symptoms (WOMAC total score) and individual scores for pain, stiffness and daily activity in osteoarthritis (ARC criteria II and III). The therapy can be applied several times daily as a complementary treatment without side effects and may thus help to reduce intake of pain medication. 

  • Electrode-free electrotherapy for therapists and patients
  • Pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF)
  • Field strength more than 1000 gauss
  • Effective treatment concept due to repeatable short-treatment periods
  • Through-textile treatment (even through shoes)




  • Very easy one-button operation
  • Battery-driven
  • Optical and acoustic function control
  • Automatic switch-off at the end of the therapy period
  • 1 In a randomised controlled study on the effect of MAGCELL® ARTHRO for knee arthritis with osteoarthritis level 2.8±0.8 (American College of Rheumatology criteria) at the primary clinical end point (WOMAC total score) median increase of 0.7 P (non-significant) was recorded in the placebo group between T0 and T1 (18 days), yet in the MAGCELL®-group a significant local decrease of 21.8 P. During the study no undesirable incidents or side effects occurred related to therapy.
  • 2 The WOMAC individual scores for pain, stiffness and daily activity also resulted in significant local improvements in the MAGCELL®-group compared to a slight median increase (non-significant) in the placebo group. A highly significant result (p < 0.001) in favour of the MAGCELL®-group was recorded for the individual parameter pain reduction compared to the placebo in the difference between the beginning and end of treatment.
  • MAGCELL® is utilised for pain alleviation and movement stimulation in the case of osteoarthritis


Magcell Athro Patient Brochure
General catalogue "Physical Therapy" 
General catalogue "Physical Therapy"



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  • Protection class: Internal power supply
  • Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V R6 alkaline batteries
  • Magnetic field strength max: 200 mT 
  • Treatment duration MAGCELL® ARTHRO 2.5 min. 
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 83 x 152 x 25 mm 
  • Weight: 0.21 kg