Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Eased with Magcell Microcirc

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Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Eased with Magcell Microcirc

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Catherine, aged 63, was diagnosed in 2004 with Peripheral Neuropathy due to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). At the beginning of 2019, Catherine contacted Physio Equipment regarding potential benefits of using the Magcell Microcirc to ease her pain. Contraindications checked, a unit was purchased. This successful feedback was provided in February 2019.

"I have been using the Magcell Microcirc, I purchased from Physio Equipment UK for more than a month and have been so pleased with the ease it brings me.

I am finding it helps with the neuropathic pain in my legs. It helps relieve the muscle spasms which cause sciatica. I also use it to help with the pain of lymphoedema in my abdominal trunk and legs. In all, this small, easily manoeuvred gadget, has been wonderful, as I am not good at tolerating pain medicines and by having the Magcell, I can control the use, the amount of treatment and therefore the results I am having. Within 20 minutes of treatment I am often finding the pain and symptoms are reduced which is for me better than just pain medication, without the chemicals"


What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy develops when nerves in the body's extremities – such as the hands, feet and arms – are damaged. The symptoms depend on which nerves are affected.

In the UK, it's estimated that almost 1 in 10 people aged 55 or over are affected by some degree of peripheral neuropathy.

What are the Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy?

Main symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can include:

  • Numbness and tingling in the feet or hands
  • Burning, stabbing or shooting pain in affected areas
  • Loss of balance and co-ordination
  • Muscle weakness, especially in the feet

Symptoms are usually constant, but can come and go.

Treatments are varied and can depend on the individual but include addressing the underlying cause, medications, pain killers and creams.  Read more

How can the Magcell Microcirc help?

Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Eased with Magcell Microcirc

Magcell helps to restore damaged peripheral sensory nerves. This was shown clinically in the Rick et al (2017) and the Geiger et al (2015) studies by the improvement of nerve conduction velocity (NCV)

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