New, Improved, LASS-Expert Is Now Available

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New, Improved, LASS-Expert Is Now Available

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Effective laser therapy with the laser shower

PhysioEquipment UK are pleased to announce that the latest version of LASS-Expert is now available for purchase in the UK and Ireland.

The device features a colour screen and a user-friendly interface, enhancing the efficiency and simplicity of initiating treatment.

The LASS-Expert is the ideal choice for the treatment of large areas, thanks to its therapeutic laser shower technology. This device is highly versatile, capable of addressing a range of conditions including trauma, arthropathies, muscular tension, and dermatological applications.

The LASS-Expert is equipped with a total of 21 laser diodes, with each diode having a power output of 100 mW. Collectively, they contribute to an impressive total power output of 2100 milliwatts. The device offers various operational modes, including constant operation, alpha, Nogier, Bahr, Reininger, and multifrequency. Users also have the option to customise their own specific frequencies.

Based on the latest scientific research, a frequency of 808 nm, has been found to offer optimal penetration depth and biostimulation values.

The LASS-Expert is an enhanced version of the successful therapy application, designed to provide users with a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. 

Other features include:

  • Treatment area visualised using 4 red light diodes
  • 20 memory locations available for the programming of frequencies ranging from 1 to 9,999 Hz.
  • Laser density on the treatment area of 55 cm2
  • Continuous power delivery, Multi, Alpha, Bahr, Reininger and Nogier frequencies
  • Includes software expansion with Solfeggio frequencies, FI bands, sweeps and cranio program
  • Easily convert to a laser comb or pointer adaptor with a simple click (optional accessory).
  • Support Stand/Tripod specifically designed for stationary applications (optional accessory) enables healthcare professionals to perform longer patient treatments with ease and stability.


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