MAGCELL® MICROCIRC successfully managing symptoms of enlarged prostate

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MAGCELL® MICROCIRC successfully managing symptoms of enlarged prostate

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The patient made the decision to invest in the device following results published in "The Prostate" on its effects in a canine model. The patient reported improvements in the restoration of sexual libido, with waking arousal, which had been absent for many years and an improvement in flow, both daytime and night time and a return of the feeling of emptying, particularly in the daytime. It has also proved effective for other family ailments.

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MAGCELL® MICROCIRC successfully managing symptoms of enlarged prostate

“The efficacy of PEMF on BPH in dogs, with no side effects, suggests the suitability of this treatment in humans and supports the hypothesis that impairment of blood supply to the lower urinary tract may be a causative factor in the development of BPH” 

  • Study Title: Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy on prostate volume and vascularity in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia: A pilot study in a canine model
  • Authors: Raffaella Leoci, Giulio Aiudi, Fabio Silvestre, Elaine Lissner, Giovanni Michele Lacalandra,
  • Citation: DOI: 10.1002/pros.22829.
  • Published in The Prostate, Volume 74, Issue 11, August 2014, Pages 1132–1141 (available online)

MAGCELL® MICROCIRC successfully managing symptoms of enlarged prostate 


  • Electrode-free electrotherapy for therapists and patients
  • Pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF)
  • Field strength more than 1000 gauss
  • Effective treatment concept due to repeatable short-treatment periods
  • Through-textile treatment (even through shoes)


3 Jun 2017 

MAGCELL® MICROCIRC successfully managing symptoms of enlarged prostateI received my device in good time and well-packaged thank you. I began using it immediately and early results both on my prostate and other family conditions have been excellent. I have summarised below for your information. If this sort of information (positive and/or negative) is useful to you I will continue sending as and when it is used.

For myself (I am 70):

Enlarged prostate (investigated in depth three years ago, no cancer present) Treating twice a day. Early signs are encouraging.

Left elbow: low level pain when lifting, pulling and pushing. Treated upper and lower on the joint for two days. Result: normalised.

Right elbow: medium level pain for a few months (maybe "tennis elbow?") when articulating. Treated for five days upper and lower on the joint. Result: normalised.

Left knee: unable to kneel sitting back on heel. Treated joint on four sides for four days. Result: normalised but with a little remaining discomfort. Continued treatment, now normalised.

Right thumb at the base joint: for several months causing discomfort when clenching such as pulling garden weeds. Treated joint on both sides twice a day for three days. Result: normalised. Problem returned to a lesser degree after a very hard handshake but one further treatment normalised again.

Other family members:

Grand-daughter (aged 11) Lower annoying back pain to left side when bending and twisting One treatment to the area Result: normalised.

Daughter (aged 42) Lower back pain on going Treated both sides of spine to the area she indicated, which I confirmed with a pendulum, (not close to the spine though) once. Result: normalised.

So far there have been no failures or negative affects noted and the results have been sustained.

5 Jun 2017

MAGCELL® MICROCIRC successfully managing symptoms of enlarged prostate My wife has suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for some years. She has what the family call her naturally "high heeled feet" which, in recent years has precluded any lengthy wearing of high heeled shoes. She gets pain in her heels and at the base of her toes, which swell and release fluid, which spreads into the surrounding tissue. Special orthotics designed by a local foot doctor has improved her condition to the point of supporting her love of shopping to a degree but her feet win out in the end. With careful choice of shoes for her also very wide fitting, her condition can be ameliorated but discomfort is with her a lot of the time. I started using the Microcirc three days ago on both feet once a day. One cycle laterally around the base of her toes and into the foot pad area and one cycle to the base and sides of the heel. Yesterday (day three) she reported a noticeable easing of symptoms so the treatment will be continued.

12 Jun 2017

Using the treatment as I mentioned for my wife, every day has, seemingly, righted both feet. Yesterday my wife took my granddaughter for her long booked birthday present, a tour of the Harry Potter film sets. This involved around two hours of driving and three hours of being on her feet, sometimes pushing a wheelchair, as my granddaughter has broken a bone in her foot. They had a great time but my wife expected to be near needing a wheelchair herself after it, but no, not a flicker of discomfort. However, these things can sneak back to bite you but on the evidence so far, no more treatment will be necessary at the moment.

30 Jun 2017

MAGCELL® MICROCIRC successfully managing symptoms of enlarged prostateJust an update on the effects of the Microcirc:

All previous treatments that had a positive reaction have remained OK - so good news there.

Twice a day, morning and evening (it was not convenient to do a six to eight hour gap between the treatments as suggested) sitting down and placing the machine as near to position as possible with my clothes on. I tend to lift the front end to maximise the contact area. One programmed treatment each session.

Firstly and most noticeably: the return of waking erections, which have been absent for several years (although as I previously intimated, generally sexual matters have been otherwise OK). The effects of this are two fold, one is the obvious sign that something good is happening in that area and two, the psychological effect of that sign of maleness returning after so long, is not to be underestimated I can assure you.

Other signs of improvement are a definite and very gradual improvement in flow both daytime and nighttime, which for me are different, better by day always. Starting at night was getting slow and flow was a trickle but now starting is normal and there is a flow rather than a trickle. Also returning is the feeling of emptying, particularly in the daytime, so waiting for that second coming sometimes produces nothing where there would always be another finalising trickle after about 30 seconds (my consultant suggested counting to 40 seconds to see if there was any remaining residual).

Now, perhaps in mitigation, I have been gently dieting over this period also, so I cannot assess this as having anything to do with the outcome, only that I have never seen a report that this may have an effect on BPH matters. I am 5' 6" tall and was eleven stone eight pounds and have lost 13lbs since the beginning of March and the diet is continuing to around ten stone.

I have stopped using Saw Palmetto supplements for the last two weeks also to take that out of the equation. There appears to be no side effects to using the Magcell Microcirc but obviously I cannot see "inside" to ascertain any collateral damage I may be causing but, I do "feel" a sensation best described as like a slight muscle stiffness after exercise in the specifically defined area. This may, of course, be the prostate shrinking, I do hope so. There is no pain during or after treatments, no discomfort at all.

So, there we are, I have held off until now to be certain that the above is not my imagination and that it is consistent, I have discussed it at length with my very astute and intelligent wife who watches every hospital/medical TV program going (I think she could happily remove an appendix) and the conclusion has to be that the prostate is shrinking very slowly in order for the above to be happening, as nothing I have previously tried has had these effects.

I will continue with this course of action to see what transpires and let you know. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer where possible and don't worry about content, let us be clear, I want to make this as clear as possible with no doubts as to outcome, good or bad. If this works as it seems to be, then it may do so for others and what a breakthrough it will be eh?

8 Sep 2017

Yep, keeping well thank you. I am happy to help in any way I can. This is such a major problem facing a huge proportion of older men and the current medical ways of treatment are a bit barbaric and the operation (in its several forms) often leaves the patient with quite devastating after effects like incontinence and impotence for instance. This is why I found you in the first place in a bid to avoid surgery!

I used the Magcell Microcirc twice a day for the first three months and now just in the mornings with my first cuppa. I sit in a chair and sit on it in as near an appropriate position as I can estimate. I sanitise mine with a squirt of Detox on a piece of kitchen roll. The instructions suggest that it is optimal to do the second treatment around 8 hours after the first but I found that inconvenient and did mine just before bedtime.

Saw Palmetto. There are a lot of fairly useless preparations out there so beware. I use Prostex from Nature's Best. I have used them for many years for this and vitamins. They have a nutritionist help line too. The effects, if there are any, will be noticeable within about two weeks but best to try a month and see.

My prostate treatment with the Magcell is showing distinct benefit, an excellent use of 400 quid I have to say. Provided that a man has seen a specialist to rule out cancer then for BPH it is working for me. Increased flow is the obvious effect, which must mean reversal of enlargement to a degree. I now know that my nighttime slow start is due to the retention mechanism (which stops incontinence) taking its time to "let go" and the second "go" after around 30-40 seconds is about normal.

A rather nice side effect is restoration of sexual libido; although mine was not too repressed I now have the morning erection back and am quite a lot more amorous. I know these signs are important for most men. I shall continue treatment to the end of September and then leave off to gauge the effect. Oh, and keep the caffeine intake low especially before bedtime. I hope this helps and good luck to your friend. If you want help, just ask.

9 Sep 2017

My wife reminded me to say that the blood PSA level can rise whilst using Saw Palmetto and my doctor did not know this! Also, the Americans say that use of anti histamines can also adversely affect the prostate so I use red light nasal therapy for my hay fever.

11 Oct 2017

After three months on twice a day and one month on once a day the improvements I have previously mentioned have remained. For the last ten days I have stopped Saw Palmetto as well as the Microcirc with no apparent loss to my improvement.

Eight days ago I had my annual PSA blood test without a call from the doctor, so I am told to assume that all is OK. I will drop in and ask for the latest figure for comparison. As you may know, though, this test has been found to be unreliable and only gives cause for real concern over big sudden rises I believe. In general the Microcirc has proved a winner, having been used on various friends and family, for all sorts of aches and pains, very successfully, painlessly and with ease and no noticeable side effects.

If I have any notable further successes or any regressive symptoms to my prostate I will let you know, otherwise that is all from me for now. I will be very interested in any other prostate success stories though, just as confirmation I guess. Further, if I can be of help, don't hesitate to get in touch.

12 Oct 2017

I called into the doctors because I had not been recalled, my last three years PSA Blood Test Results are:

2015 – 9.2

2016 - 6.8

2017 - 7.9

Current thinking is that 4 is "good" however I have been steered to this link which gives a fairly comprehensive view of the latest conclusions from much research but is too lengthy for here although quick to read.

Basically the PSA test is a very unstable indicator as to whether cancer is present: furthermore, applying unnecessary biopsy or treatment can cause major problems. I suffered a very nasty urinary infection that resisted a double antibiotic but was luckily cured by another and it was scary. I was found negative after a full CT scan also.

My doctor sees no need for a recall as my symptoms have improved. As always, glad to help for this quite contrary organ. 

I hope my feedback leads to others who were in my position giving this a try and finding positive results


22 Dec 2017

Hello Mary

Firstly, a very Merry Christmas to you all.

Secondly, all is well with my BPH having had no treatments of any sort for nearly three months. There is another spin-off to this too as worry over the condition has subsided giving greater peace of mind particularly with regard to the possibility of other, more invasive treatments and their unpleasant side effects, being obviated; certainly in the short term.

The Microcirc is still giving great service to the family helping with aches and pains in all age groups so a worthy investment.

Happy New Year!