Magcell Arthro Provides Pain Relief in Foot Osteoarthritis

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Magcell Arthro Provides Pain Relief in Foot Osteoarthritis

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"I’m 50 in a few months and was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my foot when I was 32 and lived off painkillers for 8 years - so much so I can’t take the strong stuff anymore.

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When I was 40 I had a cheilectomy which I’ve since found out is an end stage operation and it actually made my foot worse so I’ve suffered for another 9 years or so. 

I started using the Magcell Arhtro in June - I’ve been using it 6 times a day as advised and almost straight away I had virtually no pain - which amazed me because I couldn’t even bare the duvet on my foot at night! 

I used to dread having to walk too far as my foot would start hurting as soon as we set off no matter what footwear I had on and I’ve bought so many different styles of shoes to try and find something comfortable! All I could think about was how much pain I was in and never being able to keep up with everyone else.

I’ve had so much improvement with the Magcell Arhtro, even after using it for a few weeks I can stand on tip toes, I’m able to wear different styles of shoes and I’m not constantly feeling and thinking about being in pain. It’s made so much difference to me."

Jane Leafe

MAGCELL® ARTHRO helps to reduce the pain of osteoarthritis and promote movement

MAGCELL® ARTHRO significantly improves general symptoms (WOMAC total score) and individual scores for pain, stiffness and daily activity in osteoarthritis (ARC criteria II and III). The therapy can be applied several times daily as a complementary treatment without side effects and may thus help to reduce intake of pain medication. 

  • Electrode-free electrotherapy for therapists and patients
  • Pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF)
  • Field strength more than 1000 gauss
  • Effective treatment concept due to repeatable short-treatment periods
  • Through-textile treatment (even through shoes)
  • Very easy one-button operation
  • Battery-driven
  • Optical and acoustic function control
  • Automatic switch-off at the end of the therapy period

Through a innovative procedure, MAGCELL® ARTHRO is able to create exceptionally strong pulsating magnetic fields of up to 100 mT (1000 gauss) with selective frequency ranges despite its small size. Time-variable magnetic fields can function as transfer media for electric fields. Providing that – like MAGCELL® ARTHRO – the field force is sufficiently high, electro-magnetic fields can be induced in the tissue beyond the internationally recognised threshold for biological effectiveness.

Through the possibility of direct application and the resulting close distance of the magnetic field to the application area, MAGCELL® ARTHRO also ensures minimum loss of magnetic field strength, transporting it deep into the tissue layers (electrode-free electrotherapy). Its battery operation and thus constant readiness enables the execution of a therapy programme through repeated short treatments in contrast to treatments previously only offered in doctor’s surgeries.

MAGCELL® ARTHRO is ideal for painful hip, knee and jaw joint arthritis, Hallux rigidus and valgus and a range of other arthritic conditions. Clinical studies on the complementary use of MAGCELL® ARTHRO for acute knee arthritis have shown that amongst others, the following clinical effects can be achieved:

  • Significant relief from inflammation pain
  • Improvement in joint movement
  • Reduction of knee joint circumference
  • Significant reduction of WOMAC index

Magnetic field therapy is available in a range of types and appearances. Various forms of therapy do not have sufficient scientific proof of their effectiveness. The MAGCELL® ARTHRO medical product cannot be compared with ‘pulsating signal therapy (PST)’, ‘MultiBioSignal Therapy (MBST)’, ‘Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy’, ‘TENS' or other transmission forms such as magnetic field mats or coils.

MAGCELL® ARTHRO works with therapy parameters investigated in empirical and clinical research.  There are no known side effects or intolerance associated with the use of MAGCELL® ARTHRO. Based on a large amount of patient feedback, regular therapy may enable reductions in the dosage of medication, such as non-steroidal anti-rheumatic agents.

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