Mrs B Beats Bunion Pain with the Magcell Arthro

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Mrs B Beats Bunion Pain with the Magcell Arthro

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Magcell Arthro used three times a day for three weeks, stops bunion pain and enables pain-free walking.

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Mrs B Beats Bunion Pain with the Magcell Arthro

Mrs. B has had a left big toe bunion for ten years, and the pain has worsened. However, it was not deemed severe enough to warrant surgery to straighten the joint.

Complying with suggested conservative treatments, Mrs. B wore soft-soled, spacious, low-heeled shoes. She tried bunion pads, padding, and ice packs. She took OTC painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication to control the pain.

Magcell Arthro - electrode free electrotherapy in the home 

Mrs. B invested in a Magcell Arthro on December 20th, 2023 and used it daily for three weeks, three times a day; 10 mins in the morning, 10 mins at lunch and 10 mins before bed. The device is held directly on the bunion.

Feedback after three weeks

"It has really helped me, I don't have any pain from the bunion now when walking, I am delighted."

Thirteen days later, January 23rd, 2024, Mrs. B is still enjoying pain-free walking without the need to include any other management strategies. 

About Magcell Arthro

MAGCELL ARTHRO is able to create exceptionally strong pulsating magnetic fields of up to 100 mT (1000 gauss) with selective frequency ranges despite its small size. MAGCELL ARTHRO is a device that was specially designed to treat arthritis pain. It works quickly on painful hip and knee arthritis, hallux rigidus, and bunions, as well as other arthritic conditions. MAGCELL ARTHRO immediately soothes inflammation, improves cellular metabolism, and increases mobility. High-dose magnetic pulse fields travel through the tissue to induce therapeutically effective electrical currents. These currents work deep in the tissue, i.e., in the joint area, and thus directly in the pain centre. Clinical studies indicate that acute pain is reduced significantly with just a few treatments, and pain-free movement is soon possible again. The patient's limited range of motion, adaptive posture, and changes in walking therefore improve rapidly.

  • One-touch operation
  • Visual and acoustic controls
  • Automatic shut-off after treatment
  • Uses commercial AA batteries
  • Metal container for transport

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